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"PASSOVER": A captivatingly concise and complete Haggadah

This unique Haggadah has the look and feel of a glossy, hi-style magazine. PASSOVER™ celebrates all 15 parts of the Seder and presents the Passover story in dramatic fashion with gorgeous full-page illustrations, just enough Hebrew, and Seder songs. Rabbinically approved, PASSOVER™ engages the entire family for a truly memorable Seder experience.

  • Contains all 15 parts of the Seder in their proper order
  • Rabbinically approved—acceptable to any congregation
  • Rabbi-edited to ensure all essential Seder rituals and familiar traditions are present
  • Essential prayers written in English, Hebrew, with transliteration make it easy for all levels to participate
  • Easy to follow color-coded cues and instructions for the leader and participants
  • Beautiful, full page color photographs and illustrations make this Haggadah interesting and fun to use
  • Popular Seder songs as well as a fun Passover quiz are included
  • Shortened versions of the Birkat Hamazon and Hallel are provided
  • Full versions of the Birkat and Hallel can be downloaded free of charge. (Download link provided in book)
  • 48 (8.5" x 11") color pages

Need it right away? Also available as an innovative, ink saving, print-your-own download. 
Note: The download version of PASSOVER does not contain graphics.
 The book is simply too pretty to print without using tons of ink!