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Kosher-Style Passover Cooking Made Simple: Cookbook

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Kosher-Style Passover Cooking Made Simple "Your Survival Guide to a Delicious Passover"

Looking for easy-to-make yet delicious Passover recipes? "Kosher-Style Passover Cooking Made Simple" is the perfect cookbook for anyone looking to create a Seder meal that's sure to impress. Instead of a cookbook crammed with hundreds of recipes, we took the guesswork out of choosing what to serve by providing only the most iconic Passover dishes. Each recipe gets the attention it deserves. Beautiful, full-color photos of each dish, accompanied by easy-to-follow directions. No tiny type here!

  • Starter, main, side, and sweet dish recipes are included
  • The "magic macaroon" recipe alone is worth the $6.95 price tag
  • Some recipes are even lactose and gluten-free!
  • It's a breeze to prepare your Seder shopping list because all recipes are conveniently coordinated to serve six adults
  • Complete Seder Plate instructions with simple charoset recipe

So...spend more time with your family this Passover and less time in the kitchen, by ordering your copy of this colorful, simple to use Passover cookbook today! Perfect for your 1st or 50th Seder.

Makes a great gift! Buy one for each of your adult children and let them cook for Passover this year!