30minute-seder Braille edition

30minute-Seder Haggadah: Braille Edition

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30minute-Seder: "The Haggadah that Blends Brevity with Tradition" BRAILLE EDITION

The Braille edition of 30minute-Seder® contains the same text word for word as our other formats. Now the entire family can be on the same page throughout the entire Seder!

  • Contains the same text word for word as our other 30minute-Seder formats
  • Page numbers from the printed version included make it easy to follow along
  • Bound in a sturdy multi-ring binder with heavy plastic cover
  • Written in a contemporary, gender-neutral style. For example what was traditionally "The Four sons" is now referred to as "The Four Children."
  • Transliterated Hebrew included for all major prayers
  • The treatment given to the four children (traditionally the four sons) is simply brilliant.
  • The four questions and their answers are presented in a truly thought-provoking way.
  • 30minute-Seder®, while brief, remains true to the reverence of Passover.
  • Traditional Seder songs are included as well
  • 48 (12" x 11") Braille pages