Licensing Agreement

30minute-Seder™ Licensing Agreement

Thank you for purchasing a download product from 30minute-Seder™. Your license entitles you to make unlimited copies as long as it is for your own personal use.

You may print these out on your computer’s printer or you may take the file or a printout to a local copy shop to make copies.

Your license does not entitle you to make extra copies for friends, school use (unless you are the instructor and are using it in your classroom), or other commercial usage. You may not give away or sell copies to anyone unless they are attending a Seder you are making. The only exception is for classroom use as outlined above. Changing the layout, text, or graphics in any way is strictly prohibited.

Special note to copy shop: If your customer has this agreement in hand along with their shopping cart receipt as proof of purchase, and has filled out the affidavit below, we grant you permission to make them as many copies as they desire. Should you need to verify this, you may call us at 480.991.2815 or email us at

Affidavit of Usage

I, _______________________________ (purchaser), have read, and do hereby agree to Print Name adhere to the above licensing terms.

_____________________________________ ___________ Signature Date