About Us

After way too many years of skipping around traditional Haggadot in order to provide a concise Seder for our Passover guests, we came to the conclusion that something had to change. The cries of “What page are we on?”… “What do we do now?” and “When do we eat already?” were too much to bear.  Out of this Passover confusion the 30minute-Seder® Haggadah was born. The goal was to provide the perfect blend of brevity and tradition in a format that would appeal to all age groups and enable even non-Jewish participants to feel included in the festivities.

In keeping with the spirit of inclusion, we felt the need to create a Haggadah that was gender-neutral. For example we chose to change the four sons to the four children. It was also very important to us to tell the beautiful story of Passover in a fun yet reverent way that would keep the whole family engaged.

Yet we were faced with the challenge of choosing only the high points of the traditional Seder in order to keep the content concise. We sought the help of a prominent Rabbi (Bonnie Koppell) in our community to help ensure that we were making the right choices.  

That year was 2006 and since then we’ve sold more than 500,000 copies of the 30minute-Seder® Haggadah in over 90 countries. We were the first to provide a downloadable version as well as a large-print for the leader of the Seder or those with issues reading smaller type. In keeping with our goal of inclusion, we created a braille edition. It’s extremely gratifying to receive letters from parents of blind children who are grateful that their child can finally participate in the Seder.

The success of the 30minute-Seder® Haggadah has enabled us to provide many Mitzvah’s for families in need. Whether it was a family that lost books in hurricane Katrina, low income assisted living residents that wanted to enhance their Passover, or troops in Afghanistan needing an abbreviated Seder…we were able to step up and provide.  And moving forward, we will be happy to continue to do so.

Bringing joy to Passover is what we do. It feels good.