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60minute-Seder™ Haggadah (new for 2014)
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Rabbi Endorsement:
Endorsed by Rabbi Bonnie Koppell
Rabbi Koppell became the first female Jewish chaplain ever to serve in the United States military...click here for bio.
"Perfect for the family on the go! Enjoy the Passover rituals in this meaningful, abbreviated format that includes all of the highlights of the traditional Seder. The gender sensitive, socially conscious text will appeal to all ages."

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Recommended for a Jewish audience:

Tired of the Sleepy Passover Seder?
The 60minute-Seder, "Complete Family Haggadah"
New from the Authors of 30minute-Seder.

Phoenix, Arizona 21, March, 2014- Passover begins Monday April 14th and as you prepare for this family get together to celebrate and tell one of the most dramatic and uplifting stories of all time, you may be asking, “What can I do this year to make it a memorable one?” Sure... you can dip the macaroons in chocolate for a change, or try that new charoset recipe you saw online, maybe a new wine, but nothing can revive a sleepy Seder more than choosing a new Haggadah to use. Remember, Haggadah means “the telling,” and since a story is only as good as the person telling it, the one you pick can spell the difference between an engaging Seder or one where grandpa falls asleep in the matzah-ball soup!

It’s pretty safe to say that the success of your Seder depends on the quality and not quantity of pages within the Haggadah you use. A sure sign your guests have reached the tipping point is hearing the cry of “When do we eat already?” Then, the skipping around starts so you can get to the finish line. Is that any way to celebrate the ritual of Passover? If you’ve been doing it that way (like my family), you’ve probably been on the hunt for a shorter yet still reverent Haggadah. Rejoice...I’ve found not one but two that you should check out, and both are Rabbinically approved. Surprisingly they’re published by the same authors (Rob Kopman, Bil Yanok). I know, I know, it looks like I’m playing favorites here. You’ll soon see why I chose these as two surefire ways to liven up any Seder.

For those that want a brief Seder that touches on the key parts of the Passover story, I highly recommend using 30minute-Seder “The Haggadah That Blends Brevity With Tradition.” (available as book or download on: 30minuteSeder.com). Being able to preview the entire book online before purchasing takes the risk out of making the switch and I love that approach. They’ve sold close to 300,000 of them so it looks like I’m not the first one to the table with it. If you’re leaning towards a shorter Seder this year, you’ve got to take a look at this little gem. Short and sweet!

For sheer wow factor with all 15 parts of the Seder included there’s no Haggadah that even comes close to the new 60minute-Seder “Complete Family Haggadah”. (available as book or download on: 60minuteSeder.com). As mentioned earlier, this is put out by the same authors and it certainly shows. The glossy hi-style magazine look is what knocks you over initially, but there’s much more to it than pretty pictures. It’s very well thought out, with clear instructions for the leader, and just enough Hebrew. It’s also refreshing to see a Haggadah use gender-neutral English for a change. While using it presents a complete Seder in sixty minutes, you‘ll want to tack on an extra ten, because that’s probably how long your guests are going to be commenting on the way this book looks.

Family, friends, good kugel, fine wine, and a great story. The key ingredients to a memorable Passover. Happy Pesach to you and may your Seders never be sleepy!

Recommended for a general audience:

Just in Time for Passover!
The 60minute-Seder, "Complete Family Haggadah"
New from the Authors of 30minute-Seder.

Phoenix, Arizona 21, March, 2014- Passover begins Monday April 14th at sundown and Jewish families across the globe are preparing for the festive meal and ritual called the Seder (which means order). It’s during this meal that the uplifting story of Passover is told by reading from a book known as a Haggadah (which means the telling). They come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is certain. The success of the Seder depends on the quality and not quantity of pages within the Haggadah chosen. It can literally mean the difference between having a memorable Seder or having grandpa fall asleep in the matzah-ball soup. Although that would be memorable too; it’s not exactly the image you want your guests to leave with.

Since some Seders can take a few hours and dinner is not served until three-quarters of the way through, the challenge of keeping an entire family engaged (or awake) for such a period of time is daunting. A sure sign your Seder has reached the tipping point is hearing the cry of “When do we eat already?” For years the only way to avoid this apathy was to skip around the Haggadah and read only selected parts. Not a bad idea until you consider that everyone at the table has to read and try to follow where the leader of the Seder has skipped to. The result? Chaos!!

The challenge was solved in 2006 with the arrival of the 30minute-Seder®, “The Haggadah that Blends Brevity with Tradition.” https://www.30minuteSeder.com But what about those families that favored a complete Seder, without the fluff, that looked like it was actually written in this century? A handful of new entries in the Haggadah niche emerged trying to fill this void, but none comes close to impacting the scene more than this year’s arrival of the 60minute-Seder, “Complete Family Haggadah.”

Created by the authors of the 30minute-Seder Haggadah, (Robert Kopman, Bil Yanok) 60minute-Seder can only be described as ground-breaking. “Over the years we've heard feedback from folks that wanted to use the 30minute-Seder but couldn’t because a family member objected to the abbreviated approach. Well, we paid attention to that when creating the 60minute-Seder. It has all fifteen parts of the Seder so it should satisfy even the most discerning Passover participants. Now the whole family can experience Passover on a new level.” says Rob Kopman, co-author of the 30, and 60minute-Seder Haggadah.

Danny Ben-Gigi owner of Hebrew World had this to say. “I’ve seen many a Haggadah come and go in my twenty-plus years of advising students and customers. My first impression of 60minute-Seder was simply a jaw-dropping WOW! At first it was the hi-style look of the book and illustrations that got me and then as I began reading, it became clear that it’s appealing whether you’re doing your first or fiftieth Seder. This is probably the only Haggadah to come along that might give the 30minute-Seder a run for its money!”

So, I’ve just given you two secrets to a successful Seder.

For a refreshingly brief Seder...
30minute-Seder® “The Haggadah That Blends Brevity with Tradition”
Available as a book or instant download. 30minuteSeder.com

For a concise yet complete Seder...
60minute-Seder “The Complete Family Haggadah”
Available as a book or instant download. 60minuteSeder.com (or you can purchase through 30minuteSeder.com)

Both books are available for preview before you order.

Happy Passover everybody!

30minute-Seder™… A Passover Success Story!
They say it’s not easy to change old traditions, but the creators of 30minute-Seder®, the Passover “Haggadah That Blends Brevity with Tradition” seem to have proven otherwise. Their concept of providing a simple, concise Seder that engages the entire family, while keeping the reverence of Passover intact, has caught on in a big way.

Last Passover marked the debut for 30minute-Seder™.  Their grassroots marketing and community efforts helped spread their motto of “Making Passover Fun!” to over 120 countries across the globe. “It was really satisfying to see such enthusiastic responses from those that purchased the book”, said Rob Kopman, author and publisher of 30minute-Seder®. “It also brings us joy to be able to help Synagogues with their fundraising efforts and to be able to provide less fortunate children with our coloring Passover placemats”.

Families on the go in need of a short but still “kosher” Haggadah weren’t the only ones to take notice of this hot concept. This year 30minute-Seder® is available at selected booksellers like Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com and various small Jewish bookshops and web stores throughout the US. Of course you can still purchase 30minute-Seder® and other unique Passover gifts on their website: 30minuteseder.com.  If you haven’t seen the book yet, you can view online in its entirety and see for yourself why 30minute-Seder is a “Must Have” Haggadah!

30minute-Seder™ creates Passover Haggadah for the blind...
30minute-Seder® announces the release of the Braille version of its wildly popular Passover Haggadah. Keeping true to their vision of “Making Passover Fun” for everyone, this Braille Haggadah enables the visually impaired to join in the Passover ritual of Seder. Best of all, it mirrors the standard and large format versions of 30minute-Seder® word for word and more importantly, page for page.  It literally puts the whole family on the same page.

“I have a deaf cousin who recently lost his sight as well and it really saddened me to think he could no longer effectively participate in our family Seder”, said Rob Kopman, author and publisher of 30minute-Seder®. “ It really was a no-brainer to have the book published in Braille and I’m looking forward to surprising my cousin with it this Passover!”

Just like their standard Haggadah…30minute-Seder® Braille edition contains all the high points of the traditional Seder with gender sensitive text and is rabbinically approved.  All prayers are presented in Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew, and English.
It’s available on their website: 30minuteseder.com
Cost: $19.95

30minute-Seder™ Cyber-Judaica and the 21st century...
Jewish people have been celebrating their freedom from Egyptian slavery for thousands of years by celebrating Passover.  The Seder, ritual, is conducted by using a traditional book called a Haggadah.  While the basic Haggadah has not changed in many years (until now), the way it’s presented and purchased has. 

It seems as though Google and the internet have found Passover.  Google “Seder” and you get 1,720,000 listings.  Google “Passover Haggadah” and you get 105,000 entries.  Among them is an innovative new Haggadah called the 30minute-Seder™ which takes this ancient tradition and gives it a new twist.  This Haggadah claims to be “The Passover Haggadah that blends brevity with tradition.” It reduces a potentially tedious 3 hour Seder to approximately, you guessed it…30 minutes. It’s Rabbinically approved and touches on all high points of the Seder while keeping the reverence of the holiday intact.

This 21st century style book is available in several formats including a “print your own” download.  For the “I want it now” in so many of us, the download version provides instant gratification for a mere $16.95. (now $19.95)

Robert Kopman, publisher of 30minute-Seder® says, “The convenience of the web is great, but more importantly, for the first time, the whole family can be included--the younger participants can read from the traditional, the elders from the large print, the sight impaired from the Braille, and those that “want it now” from the download version. 

They even offer downloadable versions of their popular kids items...Coloring Passover Placemats and Seder Table Placecards. "We're still trying to figure out how to download the crayons though", joked Kopman.

 “Our business has grown from a grass-roots level to a worldwide success by taking an innovative approach to an ancient tradition and presenting it via modern technology.  In the past 18 months, we’ve seen 165,000 visitors from 122 countries visit our website.  Let my people go…to 30minuteseder.com!”

Passover... American Style!
30minute-Seder®, creators of the Passover Haggadah that “Blends Brevity With Tradition” are taking a stand for children’s safety by ensuring that all of their kids products are made right here in the US.

30minute-Seder® has a line of kids gifts that include coloring Passover placemats and Seder table coloring placecards, which of course include crayons. “Parents are very concerned about potential lead content in Chinese crayons.  We felt it was our responsibility to customers to provide the most kid-safe products we could manufacture.” explained Rob Kopman, author and publisher of 30minute-Seder®. “Sure it ended up costing a little more to produce, but the fact that our buyers can shop for their children with confidence far outweighed that fact, and we’re proud to be able to make these products in our own country.”

For a look at these fun kids items and to view the entire 30minute-Seder® Haggadah, visit their website at: 30minuteseder.com.


30minute-Seder® Sharing Passover with the US Army...
Recognizing that no one needs a brief, yet spiritual Passover Haggadah more than our Jewish troops, the publishers of 30minute-Seder™ have graciously agreed to donate free copies of their wildly popular 30minute-Seder® to the military.  Soldiers all over the world can download the publication instantly and free of charge. 

Rob Kopman, author and publisher of 30minute-Seder®says, “We also want to help families of the military, so we are offering a heavily discounted package of our most popular products through an agreement with the Jews in Green (www.jewsingreen.com), “The ultimate resource for Jews in the US armed forces.”  In addition, we are donating several hundred printed copies to Fort Benning, GA for their community Seder.  Fort Benning, the home of the US Army Infantry Command, has the largest Jewish military program in the US armed forces. 

When asked about the 30minute-Seder®, Rabbi Bonnie Koppell, Colonel and Chaplain in the US army reserve, said, “This Haggadah is the perfect vehicle for the service member on the go. The text includes all the Seder basics in an attractive and accessible format.  I urge you to take a look and to let your folks know about this wonderful resource with which anyone can enjoy a brief yet meaningful Seder.”

Details and ordering information are available on 30minuteseder.com. You can view the entire Haggadah on their website as well.


Previous Press Release:
New 30minute-Seder® Haggadah
Provides All the Flavor with None of the Fat
New York, NY -- December 1, 2006 -- Touted as, “the only Haggadah that feels like it’s been written in the last 100 years”,  30minute-Seder™ debuted this year at “New York’s Kosher Fest”, at the Javitts Center.  Written in contemporary English, 30minute-Seder™ is perfect for the “family on the go” and provides a spiritual, gender sensitive experience, which takes, you guessed it, about 30 minutes.Suitable for a reform, conservative, or interfaith audience, 30minute-Seder™ includes the “essential” prayers in Hebrew with transliteration, favorite Seder songs, and of course, the story of Passover which is presented in detail with beautiful full-color illustrations. “We wanted to create a Seder that combined brevity with tradition,” noted publisher Rob Kopman. “What we’ve created, is an entertaining, rabbinically approved Haggadah, that includes Passover rituals in a meaningful, abbreviated, socially-conscious format. We’re also excited that the positive response surrounding 30minute-Seder™ has enabled Jewish fund-raising groups to benefit their causes through our donations to silent-auctions and discount sales.” Still not convinced? View the “must have” Haggadah for 2007 in its entirety at 30minuteseder.com and see for yourself how they “put the fun into Passover!”
Available online at: 30minuteseder.com. The Haggadah is also offered as a “print your own” download in regular and large-type format. No internet access? Ask for 30minute-Seder™ at your local Judaica shop or contact Rob Kopman directly at: 480.991.2815. Email:sales@30minuteSeder.com.

Sample Articles:
(suggested for a Jewish audience, familiar with the Passover holiday.)

New for this Passover is the 30minute-Seder™ Haggadah.  This colorful, contemporary Haggadah is a great alternative to the lengthy “when are we going to eat?” Seder’s of the past.  But don’t let the name mislead you. Although brief, 30minute-Seder™ provides a very meaningful, spiritual experience.  The authors obviously took the time to craft every word and make them count.

One significant difference of this Haggadah is that the Seder is purposely designed to end before dinner begins.  That makes a lot of sense, especially in less observant households. If a family is looking for a shorter, yet meaningful Seder experience, this one is worth a look. It can be viewed entirely on the publisher’s website, along with a glowing review and approval by Rabbi Koppell, at 30minuteseder.com  The treatment given to the four children is fabulous.  Once the four sons, they have now been transformed into the four children that we all know and love.  For example, the wicked child is portrayed as a “Bart Simpson” type of rebellious child that merely lacks empathy. 

When you reach the page with the ten plagues, the graphics seem to leap off the page right at you.  For a “brief” Seder, the story of Exodus is surprisingly detailed and complete.  Included in 30minute-Seder™, are popular Seder songs with more available as a free download on the publishers website. For those who prefer to print their own, the Haggadah is also available as a download on the website.
Also available from 30minute-Seder™, is an array of items designed to engage the children in and before the proceedings.  They offer Seder table place cards and Passover place mats which the kids can color (they even come with crayons) and “The Promised Land” boardgame designed to be fun, yet educational. 

The 30minute-Seder™ Haggadah and full line of items can be found in Judaica shops, Temple gift shops, and at 30minuteseder.com

(suggested for a general audience)
Passover 2008 Arrives at Sundown, April 19thThe Jewish Holiday of Passover 2008 starts at sundown on April 19th. It also marks the debut of an interesting, new Haggadah.For those of you not familiar with the holiday, it’s based on the story of the Jewish people’s journey from Egyptian slavery to freedom, as told in the Book of Exodus.  The biblical account goes on to tell how the Jewish people received the Ten Commandments and made their way through the desert to “The Promised Land”.Passover is celebrated each year by telling this story, eating symbolic foods, and reciting prayers for the occasion from a book called a Haggadah.  This event filled with age old rituals and a festive meal, is called a Seder.  Incidentally, most historians agree that one of the most famous Seders of all time was Christ’s Last Supper.  As a Jew, Christ used to go to Jerusalem every year to celebrate Passover.  The entire Seder can take up to 3 hours or more to complete.  This can be tedious, particularly for families with children or elderly; keeping everyone’s attention is often difficult.  Thanks to a new Haggadah with a keen eye on brevity, aptly titled 30minute-Seder™…a full Seder can be performed in about, you guessed it…30minutes. Rabbinically approved and written in a contemporary style with colorful illustrations and clear directions; it’s a good choice for those looking for a brief, yet meaningful experience.   Suitable for a more secular audience, it appeals to those wanting an engaging, gender sensitive format. “It’s perfect for the family on the go”, says Rabbi Bonnie Koppell.This Haggadah and other fun, educational Passover products from 30minute-Seder™ can be found in Judaica stores or at 30minuteseder.com.  The entire book can be viewed on the website where it is also available as a “print your own” download.

30minute-Seder® Book Review I received a copy of this new 30minute-Seder® Haggadah for review and immediately had a good feeling about it.  It’s very different from the typical Haggadah.  It has a contemporary, colorful, and friendly look to it, and would be a nice addition to any Seder table.  The illustrations and layout were so compelling I began reading it right away and it took, you guessed it…only about 30 minutes! The dramatic opening on the first page sets the tone right away for an exciting story to follow.  Preparation for the Seder is followed by one of the most complete presentations of the Seder plate ingredients I’ve ever seen.  The treatment given to the four questions is refreshingly different, and the four sons have been changed to a more gender sensitive four children. The story of Exodus is written in rich, engaging detail, and the ten plagues are beautifully illustrated, as is the entire book.  All in all, this Haggadah is a joy to read and fun to look at.  You can check it out for yourself in its entirety, and read what the rabbi has to say about it, on the publisher’s website at 30minuteseder.com.  While there, take a look at the other innovative products they offer.  They even have a board-game designed to educate the kids about Passover, and other fun products that coordinate with the Haggadah, like coloring placemats and Seder table place cards.  It’s obvious that much thought and time went into this product line, along with a strong desire to live up to their motto:  “30minute-Seder®… Making Passover “FUN!”

I must tell you, this is absolutely wonderful to have with anxious/hungry children and those who are not Jewish...prevents boredom and disinterest. Thank you!

You saved my Seder!! We now have two children, one 5 and one 3. Without the 30 Minute Seder, our family Seder would have been awful (as it was the night before). Thank you so much!!
Rhona S
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30 minute-Seder, LLC has helped synagogues, and other non-profit organizations such as the Council for Jews with Special Needs, in their fund raising efforts.  We have donated copies of the 30minute-Seder® Haggadah for silent auctions and have supplied non-profits with complete fund raising sales kits and reduced book prices to help generate income through book sales.

Please direct all requests for donations and fund raising opportunities to:  Sales@30minuteSeder.com.


About the Author:
Robert Kopman, author and publisher of the 30minute-Seder™ Haggadah, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Karyn; he has two adult children.  After receiving a degree in education, he spent time studying in Jerusalem.  In 1997, he started and developed the largest Jewish singles organization in the Phoenix area, which has helped create hundreds of marriages including his own.  He is an active member of his local Jewish community through association with the local JCC, and MOT (Members of the Tribe), a Jewish business networking group.  Robert proudly states that his publishing company, 30minute-Seder® is dedicated to making the Passover Seder a fun, yet meaningful experience for Jews throughout the world.