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Passover Seder Recipes


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Passover Recipes  

Morning After Tropical Matzah Brei
From the cookbook…“Kosher-Style Passover Cooking Made Simple”
Serves: 6     Prep: 5 min.     Cook Time: 5-7 min.

A delightfully tropical twist to the breakfast dish often referred to as “Jewish French Toast.” Traditionally topped with salt, sugar, or maple syrup…this matzah brei gets its sweetness from fresh fruit and coconut instead. A clean, fresh way to start the morning after Seder. It’s lactose free if you don’t use real milk or butter.

6 large eggs
6 full sheets of matzah
1/3 cup milk, or milk substitute (optional)

Fresh fruits (banana, strawberry, blackberry)
Shredded coconut flakes

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and milk together.
Briefly run a little water over the matzot to dampen.
Break up the matzot into large bite sized pieces and add to eggs.
Gently stir to coat.
Pour into a large frying pan coated with vegetable spray, butter or margarine.
Cook over medium heat until done; stirring or turning to cook evenly.
Serve immediately.

For a firmer, drier, more “eggy” version, don’t wet the matzot and leave out the milk.

Gluten-free Version:
Use the same recipe as above, but use Yehuda’s gluten-free matzo squares.