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  Download Help

This page addresses most issues related to downloading PDF's. Please understand that due to the many variations of operating systems, browsers and versions of software used we cannot ensure a 100% success rate. If you have experience downloading PDF's then you'll probably have no problem after reading the tips below that will solve most issues.

If this is your first time downloading anything or feel that this process is too daunting we recommend trying it on another computer or taking the link with you to your local printer and having them print it for you.

We have found that many downloading problems are solved simply by re-booting your computer or trying again at a later time.

Can't find your download link?

download receipt prior to 2014   download receipt 2014

Where's my password?

After you click the blue download button (or download link) in your email receipt, a page appears and you will be asked what version you would like to print. (Print & Staple, Large-Print, or Booklet Style.) Once you choose a version, another page appears and your password is clearly marked as such near the top of that page.

Can't find your email receipt?
Check your junk or spam email folder.

Where do I enter my password?
Once your file has finished downloading and you choose which version you want to print (Print & Staple, Large-Print, or Booklet Style.), a pop-up screen will appear asking you to type your password. (see below) Do not cut & paste. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is off and the entire password is there with no extra spaces before or after it.

I don't see any pop-up window asking for my password?
It may be behind your browser window or another open application. Try moving your browser window or closing other open applications to locate.

I can't get the product to download and I'm only getting a grey screen.

If you're using a mac see "Known MAC related issues" further down this page.
If you are using windows:
Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader (get it here), reboot and try again. It's best that you uninstall your old version of Adobe Reader before installing the new one. This is known as a clean install.

Known PC related download issues:

Windows 7 users using Internet Explorer
Adobe Reader will occasionally not display pdf files correctly in some versions of Internet Explorer. Setting Adobe Reader to not display pdfs in your browser will correct the problem.

Here’s how to do that:
Open Adobe Reader>Click Edit>Preferences>Click Internet in the categories pane on the left.
Current versions of Acrobat Reader: Click on the link that says: How to set up your browser to use Adobe products to view PDF documents.
Older versions of Acrobat Reader: Under web browser options, uncheck “Display pdf in browser”. Click OK.

Known MAC related download issues:

If you still can't see the password window and your screen remains grey
There are known issues at this time with Safari not being able to display PDF files

To solve this problem simply download the latest version of the firefox browser for mac here:

Then use the firefox browser to view your download link which is:
and input your password (located in your email receipt) as directed to access your download.

If you've tried the above suggestions and still can't get your files to download,
we will refund your money or send you 4 copies of our printed version after Passover (value $33.80 including shipping). Send an email to: macuser@30minuteseder.com with your order # and whether you would like books or your $19.95 refund. Hopefully this mac/safari/PDF issue will be corrected by next Passover. Until then...please understand that we appreciate your business and are doing the best we can to keep it!

To learn more about this known Mac/Safari issue

Misc. Questions

I closed my screen. How can I get back to my download?
IIf you've closed your download and need to get back to it, find your shopping cart order receipt in your email and re-download your product by clicking on the download link.

How many sheets of paper does it take to print?
Single-Side print and staple version:
16 pages
Large type version: 32 pages
Booklet version: 8 pages

How many copies am I allowed to print off the download file?
You may print as many copies as necessary for everyone attending your Seder. Please direct those wanting copies for future Seders to 30minuteseder.com to purchase their own download.

Can I have a print shop like Kinko's print this for me?
Yes, however most print shops require a copyright waiver before they will print. To get your copyright waiver click here to print out and bring with you. If you do not have the means to print out then copy this link https://www.30minuteSeder.com/30msDL14 and have the print shop look at it online.

Is the download version in color or black and white?
There are several download versions available. They are all designed to be printed either in color or black and white. You may choose as many versions as you like.

What happens if my download is interrupted, will I lose my file?
No, simply click on the link again to restart your download.